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I am currently at work on a novel about the 1967 Detroit riot and the Detroit Tigers dramatic World Series victory the following year that helped heal and unite a divided city. My book will be available soon.

7 Responses to “Current Projects”

  1. barry allen

    As a former US Marine (1979-1983), I enjoy reading the articles Bill posts on his website. I’m glad he tells the story behind the stories. It’s nice to see fellow veterans recognized.

  2. Lauren Kadziel

    Your stories are excellent- very moving. I look forward to reading about the spiritual nexus!

  3. jennifer lea dulin

    really looking forward to reading this piece. silence begins today at gilchrist for the next two weeks. blessings your way…

  4. John Frangoulis

    I enjoyed your series with the veterans. No one can imagine what they went through, you really brought their stories to life for me. I’m looking forward to reading about the cowboy artist and spiritual nexus! J

  5. George at Apple Farm

    Thanks Bill for creating this site. It is very informative and easy to navigate. It is nice to find you all in one place! Love begs to be shared and your stories are filled with Love. It takes a special person to bring out the best in others, one without hidden agendas, without any duplicity whatsoever. You are very transparent and that creates a feeling of trust. I hope your work continues to help you grow. Love, George

  6. Rebecca Mikel-Green

    Really looking forward to reading future stories!


  7. Robin Jewell Roberts

    I know this place you are doing a story on Bill, I am looking forward to your article since I have wanted to go and have not as of yet.


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