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The Caisson Platoon: Part II


John Thomas tells about serving with one of America’s most distinguished platoons. Read his story.

2 Responses to “The Caisson Platoon: Part II”

  1. Fred Lohr

    Thanks to Bill Baltz and John Thomas for introducing readers to a small sliver of the American military that most never have a chance or occasion to see or understand.

    Military tradition is the sinew that has tied the millions of soldiers who have served with their country, their armed service and each other. Bill’s article is a glimpse into the details of the intertwined traditions that bind the past to the present and to the future. We all have family traditions. For those who have served, their Armed Service is their adopted family and military tradition is as important and perhaps more sacred than anything in their civilian lives because of the special duty to others beyond themselves.

    Thanks, Bill and John, for a peek at those strong values and traditions.

  2. Randee Kadziel

    William is an incredible writer with not only facts but emotion related to his stories.
    He has had such compassion for several years writing about veterans stories.
    Time and again he touches so many hearts. Thanks Bill for putting veterans where they need to be – first and foremost in the hearts of all US citizens !


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