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The Lone Goose

The Lone Goose

When do you know it is time to move on? For me, it came in an unexpected way. Read my story. 

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  1. Jim Mitchell aka Ansel Adams

    Your story reminded me to “move on”. My ego mind said, “Yes, but to what, to where, right now?. I chided him with the reminder that there is no what, where or when, just now. Thanks for nudging me to remember my connection to the true self that I am. Via email, I’m sending you a poem I wrote several years ago. Peace and love comes from me to you, Bill.

  2. Willard Roth

    Thanks Bill for your story. What a providential coincidence: the title of the sermon I have been working on this week: This is a time to remember…and move on (taken from a Brian Wren hymn: this is a day of new beginnings. I continue to cherish in memory the rich hour we had together on the Hermitage lawn some months back. Cordially, Willard (Goshen, Indiana)

  3. George Sehy

    The Lone Goose story seems so very much like you Bill. It is interesting, heart-throbbing, deep and full of mystery. Yet, very human too. As though you were also the place where the worlds meet and the wisdom of the deep travels through you. I enjoyed the story very much. You awaken the Spirit of Change, I suspect. Thanks, Love, George

  4. Nancy Luptowski

    Beautifully written, Bill. Felt like I was right there with you, sad for the goose, like the past, but hopeful for the future.

  5. Sherie Presta


    I continue to be deeply moved by your stories. Your essays are beautiful and so very well written. Thank you so much for writing about our wonderful and brave veterans–I have learned so much. I will never take my freedom for granted and will support them in every way I can. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Keep up the great work!


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