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A Time to Remember

Randy Lund

Former U.S. Marine recalls Beirut bombing on 30th anniversary of attack. Read his story.

2 Responses to “A Time to Remember”

  1. John Patrick Bair, Ph.

    Compliments to William Baltz for his high achievements in journalism and in service to our United States of America. What fine portraits of courage he has recorded and detailed in this, and so many, of his personal naratives of our combat Veterans. Thank you to these Veterans and to William Baltz for your work and for your reminder that Freedom is not Free.
    As a psychologist at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center and as Associate Clinical Professor at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, I am honored to know many of the Veterans and to have observed William in his capable and sincere work with them.
    John Patrick Bair, Ph.D.

  2. Jerry Tovo

    One of my Homeless Veterans was there and still he suffers from PTSD. He doesn’t go into much detail because when he starts it brings back too much of the horror and he can’t go on.


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