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  • bill-with-book

    Spiritual Nexus: Discovery in America’s Heartland

    My book, Spiritual Nexus: Discovery in America’s Heartland, is now available. Join me as I explore five remarkable spiritual centers nestled in the beautiful countryside of…

  • The Lone Goose

    The Lone Goose

    When do you know it is time to move on? For me, it came in an unexpected way. Read my story. 

  • BC_Old_Corral

    The Last Time I Saw Cal

    Time spent with a wise and talented cowboy artist leads to a revelation about life—and the heartbreaking consequences of waiting too long, waiting for “nothin’.” Read my…

  • Tree_Fort

    A Little Brother Remembers

    Those halcyon days before a plan crash over New York City killed my older brother. Read my story in the New York Times. 

  • Tent_Ozarks

    The Boy Who Fell From the Sky

    The bittersweet memory of catching a trout in the Ozarks before tragedy strikes. This is the second essay in a trilogy on remembering my older brother. Read my story in Trout…

  • The Last Hunt

    The Last Hunt

    The first and, sadly, last time this springer spaniel and his friends would take to the fields. Read the story.

  • Michael_Spider

    Medicine of the Spider

    After severe multiple sclerosis inexplicably vanished from his body, a talented Michigan artist who believes “great art comes from pain” finally finished his…

    John J. Donnelly Current

    Into the Fire

    Veteran of Iwo Jima recalls the horror of that infamous battle. This is the first story in a four-part series for Veterans Day 2012. Read his…